My Writing Projects

My Writing Projects

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Under the Blue Skies

My debut novel, Under the Blue Skies, published by Sunrise Publishing and written under the mentorship of best-selling author Tricia Goyer, releases August 8, 2023. It is available for pre-order on Amazon now. You can buy the other books in the Big Sky Amish series, too! 

Thomas Smucker moved to West Kootenai for a fresh start. Without his overbearing, legalistic father to make decisions for him, he’s finally free to become his own man. However, within weeks of settling in Montana, Thomas’s five-year-old niece is placed in his care. Thomas’ dreams of recreating a new life for himself are dashed, and he’s forced to confront the past he desperately wanted to escape.

A childhood accident left her face disfigured, but it doesn’t keep Lovina Graber from living out her purpose. Even though Lovina longs for a husband and family of her own, she doubts it will ever happen. Instead, she dedicates her time to serving others. Whenever a maternal urge washes over her, she simply finds a new project to distract herself.

When one of the new bachelors becomes an instant father, Lovina comes to the rescue, helping Thomas care for his Englisch niece. While Thomas and his niece clash at every turn, Lovina has a special way with the child. Thomas grows increasingly indebted to Lovina for her help, even as he attempts to ignore the sparks between him and Lovina. Instead, Thomas focuses on honoring his sister’s memory and the reality of caring for his niece.

When Thomas’s new life begins to crumble, Lovina helps him pick up the pieces. But who will be there to soothe her broken heart when she realizes that her one chance at marriage and motherhood is slipping right through her fingers?