Getting Started

Well, I spent several hours (divided up into many smaller chunks, of course) getting my blog ready to go. I think I was just delaying the inevitable task of actually writing something. Now, there\’s not much preparation left to do, and I feel compelled to get started. For real.

So, ahem, uhm…what am I supposed to say, anyway? I showed John the short little posts I had done on Friday night and he said, \”Do people really read that?\” I\’m not sure how he meant it…was what I was writing too silly for publication or was I being ridiculous to think anyone would care that I cleaned my bathrooms Friday night? Yes on both counts, I am sure.

I guess I\’ll just start at the beginning with who I am and why I\’m writing. I\’m Elly, a teacher, a wife, a mom. I have three little ones under the age of two, so most of my \”spare time\” is dedicated to diapering, cleaning up spills and spit up, and doing laundry. I have realized recently that I am suffering from a great brain drain. That is, I used to be smart. I used to know things. Now, my brain is mush. I\’ve decided to reclaim it. Part of that process is to write more, since writing is something I used to do and once thought I possessed some talent for. Please, don\’t judge me based on this post….I said I\’m working on it.

Anyway, more about who I am…I am a reading teacher at a small school in Frankfort, KY. I work primarily with struggling middle school readers. I think this accounts for some brain drain. I don\’t get to have many higher level discussions with my kids about what we\’ve read. However, I do love what I do. As far as the \”wife and mom\” role goes, I have been married to John for six and a half years. Our daughter, Audrey Elizabeth, is two and our twin boys, Jackson Hays and Samuel Clayton, are four months old.

Beyond those three descriptors, I am a Christian. I grew up in a little Baptist church in Eastern Kentucky, but John and I searched long and hard and found out that, to our shock, we are really United Methodists. John Wesley had so many ideas that we already held in our hearts, but we didn\’t know what it all meant until we began worshipping at Methodist churches. We were very active at Trinity Hill UMC in Lexington for the five years we lived there, but had a little struggle finding a good fit when we moved to Frankfort. We\’ve recently started attending St. Paul United Methodist here and are finding it to be a wonderful, loving home, with an awesome pastor, Rev. Marcia Woodyard. Women like her are part of why I love the Methodist church…I can\’t imagine her sweet spirit and powerful, God-inspired words being silenced because she\’s a woman!!!

I am a liberal Democrat. Yes, you just read a paragraph about my faith, but I KNOW that the two aren\’t mutally exclusive. My husband says I\’m nearly a socialist, I\’m so far left in terms of social policy. This is probably true. I believe the government has a responsibility to care for the people. I\’m excited that the presidential election is not too far away and I love all the wonderful candidates we have to choose from, but secretly, I am pulling for Hillary….if for no other reason than to have a few more years with Bill, my favorite political figure of all time. Barack Obama rocks my world, too, but I worry he\’s a shooting star. Hillary is the real deal, I\’m sure.

Other random facts…I\’m not terribly creative. John disagrees with me, but I know better. I can\’t draw, I don\’t sing, and I don\’t do crafts. My creative outlet is cooking, but time and energy are my enemies in that area. I love to travel. More accurately, I love to plan trips, but we can\’t always afford them. I\’ve been very few places, but I long to see so much more of the world. I love to read and I am a movie freak, particularly old classics, romances, and really smart comedies (saw Little Miss Sunshine last night…loved it!). I love rock and roll, particularly from the 70\’s, old old old country music, and singer-songwriters from just about any period. No rap, please! I hate to clean house, am not good at decorating, and hate calling people on the phone.

Well, I got started, anyway. I\’m going to try to write daily, and I promise I\’ll try to make it less random. I will try to write about things other than my children, though they do so many things that are worth sharing, I\’m sure I\’ll have to do that occasionally. I\’m hoping to regain some of those hormonally depleted brain cells, so I am sure I\’ll do a good deal of rambling and if anyone reads me, I\’m sure they\’ll think I need to be committed. And they just may be right…

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