Writer\’s Block

I had some ideas earlier about what to write tonight, but they\’ve all disappeared. I decided to search online for some prompts to try to spur something, but I\’m starting to feel a little brain dead. I am craving some coffee but I do need to sleep tonight. Anyway, here\’s the prompt I hijacked from writersdigest.com….

Your family gathers for the holidays and you’re looking forward to the feast. At the table, grandma–who knows you hate being the center of attention–asks you to stand up and name the five things you are most thankful for. Instead of the usual, you decide to name a few silly things. What are they?

1. Post it notes…because I am terribly forgetful anymore and the little yellow stickies help jog my memory. I like them so much I own them in many sizes, shapes, and colors, and seem to have them floating around every room in my house.
2. Flavored coffeemate…vanilla chai spice in particular. It is a little indulgence. I deserve it.
3. Splenda…because I HATE the pink stuff.
4. Hair color…because my soul knows I am a blonde even if my roots don\’t.
5. The Food Network…it inspires me to cook grand gourmet meals, though what actually makes it to the table is usually something blah like grilled cheese and tomato soup.

There…I did it. I wrote something, even if it was silly and pointless AND I didn\’t mention my children or my husband.. Now, I am going to go soak in a hot bath and see if I can\’t rejuvenate a few more brain cells.

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