Tomorrow is Spa Day and Date Night!!!

Woohoo! Tomorrow, I\’m cashing in my spa gift certificate John gave me for Valentine\’s Day and getting the royal treatment. Then, we have reservations for a la lucie and tickets to see John Mayer at Rupp Arena in Lexington. We\’re shacking up at the Radisson, sans kiddos, and, get this, EATING BREAKFAST at IHOP on Sunday!!!!!!!!! I won\’t know what to do with myself.

The boys are at Nana\’s tonight and tomorrow. We took Audrey out for pizza and ice cream and bought a new Betta fish for our tank. John killed the old one when he cleaned the tank. This one is named Ruby. Can you guess what color???

Audrey is going to spend the night with her Aunt Candace tomorrow night. I\’m sending her with her cheerleading kid (baton included) and dress up box that Aunt Candace bought her for Christmas. Evil laugh….when she has kids, it\’s Easy Bake Oven city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, after the last couple of weeks at school and the disgusting state of our house, I need a nice day of rest and a night out! Sigh… gotta go do some laundry.

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