Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that I haven\’t really posted anything of substance lately? Okay, ever? Well, I am stuck. I can\’t think of a darn thing to write about.

So, I\’ll write about what is on TV right now. Lee Cruse on WLEX is visiting a physical therapy place for dogs. There is a fat little pug in a hydrotherapy tank, wearing a life vest and walking. It looks a little cruel and unusual. They are now showing a pressurized oxygen chamber to put your dog in. Now they have a dog in an electromagnetic chamber which is intended to stimulate bone growth.

Which leads me to this random thought….when I met John, his hand was in a cast because he had broken it playing basketball. He had a little electromagnetic thing he had to put his hand in for 30 minutes a day. He used it on the way to or from visiting me! What a way to maximize a 90 minute commute, right???

Back to the topic, sort of. John\’s little doomahickey that made his hand well cost several hundred dollars and wasn\’t covered by insurance. I\’m thinking, if that little thing cost that much, how much are people shelling out to put their dogs in this huge chamber with all the magnetic vibes shooting around to heal up their pooches???

I am clearly in the wrong business!

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