No more passive-aggressive dressing!

Yesterday, I did not want to come to school. DID NOT. AT ALL! I had been off on spring break for three weeks. Three more wouldn\’t have been enough. I\’ve been strugging with my health a bit, and my weight, and my emotional well being. I really didn\’t want to rejoin the land of the living. Add to that the fact that my principal called me at 9:00 on Sunday night to share the news with me that she *might* be leaving our school next year for a state department of education job. Yeah, that didn\’t brighten my mood.

Monday morning I got all grumpy about going to school. I cursed and grumbled. I wanted to fight someone, something. I went to my closet and decided that if I had to go to school, I would show my rebellion against the universe by wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Not just any jeans, mind you. My rattiest, holiest ones. There. That would show them. I am not sure who \”they\” are, not sure who I was fighting, not but I would show them. They could have my body in the building, but my soul was still on break.

My plan didn\’t work. Instead of feeling empowered by my protest, I was in a bad mood all day. I looked awful, I felt awful, and I acted awful. I realized that I had jinxed my day. I had cursed myself into having a bad day. I had CHOSEN a bad day. No one suffered from my passive aggressive dressing and surly attitude but me!

Today, I decided would be different. I shaved my legs. Painted my toenails. Applied my good smelling lotion and body spray. Wore a new dress and cute shoes. Brought a healthy breakfast and took my vitamins. Chose water over diet Coke. No chocolate (yet).

It is amazing. I feel like a new person.

Every day, the primary principal closes his morning announcements with the quote, \”Make it a great day, or not. The choice is yours.\” Oh, my God. He\’s right.

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