Still alive….

Wow. I knew it had been a while since I last blogged, but, man….two and a half months? Time flies when you are stuck in the bowels of hell….I mean, teaching seventh grade language arts at the end of the school year. Yep, I was \”the closer\” again this year. I took over a class for yet another teacher (because this public info, I\’ll keep all editorial comments to myself). To top that off, I have been sick literally all of the months of May and June. Thankfully, I am starting to regain some normality.

Other updates? Well, I will turn 30 on Sunday, if I can make it! No real plans…John and I are going to Chicago at the end of next week and my request is serious shopping money. In other news, Audrey saw a pediatric opthamologist today and was diagnosed with amblyopia, a condition that will require her to wear glasses for the rest of her life. Big fun for a two year old whom I can\’t quite convince to use the potty with any regularity. Should be interesting. Also, John\’s car has died. We\’re in search of a new(er) one. Who knows what we\’ll end up with.

I\’ve been reading a lot lately. Jennifer Weiner (Good in Bed) is my new favorite author, and I\’ve loved a couple of books by Anita Shreve (Sea Glass and The Pilot\’s Wife). I loved Jodi Piccoult\’s My Sister\’s Keeper so much, I\’ve read several others by her, but I wasn\’t as psyched about them. Tomorrow, I am taking the kiddos to the library, so I\’ll probably get a whole new stack of goodies. (Sidebar: I bought a new stroller this weekend and now I can take the boys and Audrey out…we even went to Wal-Mart all by ourselves today. God bless the Peg Perego Aria Twin!)

Okay, that was all a tad random, but that\’s pretty much how I operate these days. Let\’s hope I can find it within myself to write again before school starts!

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