Why do I watch TV?

I\’ve always been a TV junkie. I\’ve loved soaps, sitcoms, serial dramas, news shows, game shows, miniseries, made for TV movies, all of it. However, since the advent of reality TV, I\’ve found myself more of a sofa critic than a TV fan. And now, we\’ve had to suffer through the recent writer\’s strike and endure more reality (cough) TV than ever before.

I suppose I could just turn it off. That would be the smart thing to do. However, I just can\’t bring myself to do it. I watch, gripe, keep watching, keep griping.

In the midst of all the crap that is on, I\’ve been able to mine a few jewels. All of them are reality shows, which shocks me to no end…I\’ve always been such a naysayer.

The Biggest Loser: Couples. I\’ve always been firmly opposed to this show. I mean, the girls have to weigh in front of America wearing sports bras, for goodness sakes! However, I have really enjoyed this season. I love the challenges and it is cool to see how these people are transforming their health!

Jon and Kate Plus 8. They have twins and sextuplets. Nuff said. I\’m not worthy.

Property Virgins. One of HGTV\’s many real estate how-to\’s, this show features a realtor who teaches first time buyers about how the home buying process. I wish I\’d had her with us when John and I bought our condo back in \”the day.\”

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