Quick Update

Wow…I\’ve written a dozen blog posts in my brain over the last month, but I\’ve not published any of them. What\’s that about?

So, adoring fan(s), here\’s the rundown on life at Casa Gilbert:

  1. My mother told me that I don\’t give Audrey enough attention. This all stems from the fact that one night, about 8:00 when she should have been heading to bed, Audrey wanted to play with glue and I wouldn\’t let her. Whatever.
  2. My tonsils are coming out on June 11.
  3. School is out on June 2. I\’m already finished, mentally.
  4. I went to The Monkey Thursday night with my friend Johnna and her friends. They are all my mother\’s age (but much more fun than my mother). We conversed about mammograms, knee replacements, and hot flashes. I had a blast.
  5. I had a California Shrimp Salad at Applebee\’s today and it was great. Shrimp and avocado…what could be better???
  6. A guy who works with John guessed John\’s age as at least 38. He is, in fact, 31. I love it.
  7. I have many new gray hairs. I do not love them. But I am not sure what to do about them.
  8. Jack has taken to biting. I knew it was coming. He\’s an aggressive little bugger.
  9. Sam is obsessed with horses. At first, he was scared of them, but now he\’s all about the \”neigh neighs.\”
  10. Audrey….I don\’t know. I just haven\’t been paying attention lately….

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