Random thoughts for the first half of September

  1. The boys will be two in a week. HOLY cow. How did that happen?
  2. I have a crap load of papers to grade, yet I am sitting at my computer. Hmmm…are they going to grade themselves? Maybe the grading fairy will stop by.
  3. I just realized I forgot to make vocabulary packets for my sub to give out on Monday, so guess what I get to do tomorrow???? It won\’t take ten minutes, but still…
  4. I don\’t want to go to church tomorrow. I mean, my church, which is the most boring church in the universe. I want to go somewhere fun and alive that I wouldn\’t be embarrassed to invite people to visit. How sad is that?
  5. Today, I watched a lizard crawl up and down the side of our neighbor\’s house for like an hour. I hate HATE hate lizards. This is the first one I\’ve seen in Frankfort. I think we need to move. If McCain wins the election, I\’m going to Canada. Maybe John can become an ice road trucker. I\’m sure they don\’t have lizards there.

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