Since 2009 has officially begun, I suppose it is time to make and post some resolutions for the year. Some may call me a cheater or a resolution weenie, as I only make ones that involve doing things I enjoy, therefore I am more likely to keep them. I figure I\’m just setting myself up for success that way. In the spirit of true change and challenge, I\’ve decided to try to include some tougher resolutions this year. So, here\’s to a year of new beginnings and good intentions.

1. Read more. I always pledge to do this. I don\’t know if I really read more, but I have become more intentional about choosing good books in the past year or so. To go along with reading more, I think I should also resolve to post reviews of what I\’ve read to keep me accountable and help me keep track of what I have read.
2. Maintain my weight. I have NEVER been this thin. I came by it the hard way, but I think, with just a little effort, I can keep the weight off.
3. Write more. This one is hard for me. I am scared of writing. Someone needs to push me on this one.
4. Crochet more and document my creations. I made scarves for my mom, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law for Christmas. Two were original designs. Did I manage to get a picture of them? Nope. I really need to be better about this.
5. Be more organized. This means at work (ugh…couldn\’t be less organized there), at home, in terms of food/cooking, financially, etc. I don\’t really want to think about that one for long.
6. Become more involved in my church in ways that fuel my passion and help others. I think that I will rejoin choir (that doesn\’t really help others….but, it is fun), become part of United Methodist Women, and work in our prayer shawl ministry by crocheting/delivering shawls and financially supporting the ministry. Also, John and I are going to commit ourselves to joining a Sunday School class. We\’ve been very hit-or-miss about this and that needs to change.
7. Be more creative. I can do this through writing, crocheting, cooking, and in my teaching.
8. Be a better wife to John. He\’s such a good man. He does so much for me. I need to stop nagging him so much and treat him with the love and devotion he deserves.
9. Have more fun with my kids. Seems like I\’m always rushing them around and snapping at them to do this or that. I seldom take time to laugh or play.
10. Be a better friend. That would mean that I am more thoughtful and caring, and less self centered.

So……there you have it, folks. I\’ll keep you posted on how I\’m doing as the year goes on.

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