In an effort to keep the blog up to date…

I\’ll share some random news from the Gilbert household. I\’ve spent the morning clipping coupons, searching for recipes, planning menus, and making a grocery list. Yes, trying to stick to a budget at the grocery store and not eat out so much requires advance planning. I\’m good at advance planning. I am NOT good at sticking to said plan. I do okay for a day or two, then I roll in from school really tired and think, \”Hmm…wouldn\’t it just be easier to load the family up in the old minivan and head to the Monkey? Sounds like a plan.\” And just like that, I\’m derailed. I am totally undisciplined. I\’m working on it though. The first step is aknowledging you have a problem, right? So, I\’m on the right track.

In other news, Audrey has moved up to the four year old class at First Care. She\’s loving it. It\’s hard core preschool, though. No more leisurely days of play. All her papers are returned to her with comments like, \”Please practice writing name.\” She\’s FOUR, for crying out loud. I think it\’s a little much to give her homework. We think she\’s brilliant anyway.

I went to book club last night. We chose to do an author study for our next meeting. We\’ll each select a novel by Joanne Fluke, the author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries. All the titles in the series reflect the name of a yummy desert. There are recipes included in each book, and each book clubber will be selecting a sweet to prepare and share. I need to order my book, since I\’m on the naughty list at the local public library for overdue audio-visuals. It\’s cheaper to order the book than pay my fine.

What an exciting life I\’m leading these days! Can\’t think of much else worthy of sharing, so I guess that\’s all for now, faithful reader.

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