I chose to title this post \”Exonerated\” as that is one of the most missed vocabulary words on the Honors English I test I graded today. (They got it confused with \”extricated.\” )That, and it\’s relevant. In my last post, I revealed a deep and troubling secret: I have sinned against the library gods. My conscience got the best of me today and I decided to inquire as to how to absolve myself of said crimes. Turns out, when you return the material, you are forgiven the debt. COOL! I don\’t owe PSPL $40. I can show my face in the library again. And I did…this afternoon, in fact.

I have been…..let\’s all say it together, kids….exonerated of my library crimes. My fines were mitigated (another oft mistaken vocab word). My joy is quite conspicuous. I can no longer be considered incorrigible.

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