“I\’m So Sleepy!”

My daughter Audrey is nothing short of genius. Not to be a bragging mother, but, let\’s face it folks, she is. I mean, she\’s artistically gifted (from her Daddy\’s gene pool), starting to learn basic math (again, John), very verbal (don\’t knw where that comes from…), loves reading, and just generally smart. However, she is just a four and half year old. She has her limits.

The other day, she put two fingers up to her lips and said, \”I\’m smoking. I\’m so cool.\” John FLIPPED out. WHERE has she seen this? I mean, if she blurted a stream of obsceneties that would make a sailor blush, everyone would point to me. But smoking? We do NOT support that. So we started drilling. Where have you seen this? Who does that?

Audrey\’s response was what is beginning to become her usual cop out. She started crying and said (instert gasps and sobs for effect), \”I\’m just so sleepy.\” Right. Cause that means we\’re going to let it go.

We finally convinced her that she wasn\’t in trouble and she calmed down enough to fess up that it was someone outside of her daycare (!) that was smoking, and not a game that she and her friends were playing at school.

All that aside, I think I am going to try her tactic. I\’ve been just a tad stressed out lately, what with school ending and it being utter chaos and all. Add to that the fact that I\’m having surgery next week to remove a good portion of my colon, and I still don\’t know what I\’m teaching next year, and you can understand why I am perpetually on the verge of tears. Change my lunchtime and I might go postal. Look at me wrong and I might open a vein. And some people have been really pushing their luck.

Next person who presses me about, well, anything is going to be treated to my new reply. \”I\’m(sob) just so (sob, sob) sleepy!!!!\”

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