I am on Fall Break…three blissful weeks of Fall Break. I love it.

However, for some unexplicable reason, I feel the need to spend my break time at work. Right now, I\’m sitting in my classroom at my desk, likely the only teacher in the building. I did the same yesterday. I got a whole laundry list of things accomplished. Syllabi for both of my courses, an assignment sheet/rubric for my new journal initiative in my Honors English I class, and some materials for the kids. Today, I\’ve covered my graffiti-laden desks with contact paper, rearranged the seats, and I\’m working on a seating chart. Productive? Yes. Necessary? Not so much.

What I SHOULD be doing is grading the mountain of Writer\’s Notebooks sitting on the table. Or I could be at home cleaning the house or putting away the laundry.

Hmm…I guess I\’m just avoiding the necessary!

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