Biting the Bullet

We sent the boys to school in BIG BOY UNNAWEARS today. No pullups. We sent three spare outfits, too. You know, just in case.

It just had to be done. Otherwise, they\’ll just go from Pullups to Depends. And, really, while women always want to try to change their men, they don\’t really want to \”change\” them, right? We are going with the tough love strategy.

In other news:

  1. I have given up candy for Lent. Now, candy means candy bars, lollipops, hard candy, Starburst, gummies, etc. IT DOES NOT include cookies, cake, brownies, or ice cream. I am not sure this really counts as a sacrifice, nor will it improve my ever expanding waist line, but still…
  2. Last night I finished I Don\’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson . I could relate on many levels. It\’s the saga of a working mom who struggles with balance. It was witty and honest. So many of the main character\’s observations were things I have thought about many times. However, there was this whole e-mail emotional affair angle that I just couldn\’t get into. She never succumbs to the physical tempation, but at the end, she says that is her one regret. REALLY? Not having a physical affair was the regret? I\’m thinking she might have been better off regretting her involvement with him at all.
  3. I have a story brewing in my Writer\’s Notebook. Not sure how to approach it, as it is a mostly true story, not about me, and I don\’t want to reveal too much. But it is just too good to keep to myself! There are lots of approaches I could take, many voices that need to be heard, and different outcomes that could be explored. I have to find a way to tell this!

#books #pottytraining

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