More finds…

I\’ve been a little obsessed with my genealogy research lately. I\’ve mapped out my family and John\’s family and been able to get pretty far back with both. I\’ve hit a couple of brick walls (the Cox family, my grandmother\’s people, seemed to have simply appeared in the late 1800s!) but I\’m working on it.

Still, by far, the most fascinating thing I\’ve encountered is the mystery of my great-grandmother Ina\’s children. I\’ve pieced it together with birth and death records and created a timeline. She was married in 1915, and the babies started coming shortly thereafter. Here\’s a list of what I\’ve found:

  1. Stillborn male (prolapsed cord) 27 May 1916 (Never mentioned before)
  2. Denzil -12 Sept 1917 (I knew him. He died in 1992.)
  3. Lenville -12 Oct 1919- 11 April 1921 (This was while they were gone from Elliot County to Ohio. I had never heard him mentioned, but his birth/death was recorded in a family Bible. )
  4. Geneva- 19 June 1922 (Mamaw)
  5. Vernal -25 July 1924 (Stillborn, premature birth, never mentioned)
  6. Guy Wendell -8 July 1925 (He passed away a year or two ago.)
  7. Loretta- 6 Oct 1928 (My favorite great aunt…with a mouth like a sailor.)
  8. JB and Fred (TWINS…HELLO!!! Could someone have mentioned this sooner???) 8 Nov 1930. JB (aka Jasper, Jack, or Jacques) was Mom\’s favorite uncle. A seriously flamboyant fellow…passed away in 2002. Fred….who knows??? I just know he was born.
  9. Willard- 19 Oct 1932 (birth records)- 11 Nov 1935 (in the family Bible, but never mentioned)
  10. Stillborn male -30 March 1935 (never mentioned)
  11. Annette- May 1936

My mother has still not mentioned this to my grandmother, but we\’re hoping that she\’ll be able to talk a little about it. I had hoped to find the cemetery where the babies were buried according to the death records, but my father doubts that is possible. They had tried to find it in the past, but it was in a very rural area and had been over taken with weeds.

My dad shared an interesting story about his grandmother\’s death. He found her dead when he was five or six years old. They had all been to the garden to pick beans and when they returned, she was lying on the porch. She had been in the porch swing and had a heart attack.

I am just fascinated with all of this. I really want to find out more. I\’m hoping to be able to locate more pictures and attach names to the faces. I think that will help me settle some of the stories brewing in my brain! In the meantime, here is a picture of my great-grandparents, Oscar and Ina.

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