Spring break at last!

Thanks to the genius behind the alternative school calendar (aka year round school), I am enjoying a two week long spring break. I must have blacked out briefly last week when I was asked to teach a few days of our intersession remediation program and I agreed. I can\’t imagine another reason I would have said yes other than loss of consciousness, or perhaps the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. However, that commitment has ended and the rest of my break is MINE. Well, as much as anything in my life can be…

Today, I am taking Audrey to the opthamologist and, of course, Target. We\’re getting geared up for a short family trip to the redneck mecca that is Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We\’ll leave tomorrow after A\’s dentist appointment. The boys are so pumped up because the hotel has an indoor pool. That was really their main (only) criteria. As much as John hates Pigeon Forge– he has serious post-traumatic stress induced by horrible family vacations from his childhood where he wanted to play putt-putt but all they did was shop– it was his suggestion. I prefer to vacation in more urban environments. I was thinking Nashville or Indianapolis. In the end, we went with Pigeon Forge because Dollywood is opening this weekend.

So, readers, you\’ll be treated with new pictures soon. You know, the ones where everyone but me looks like they are having fun, and I just really look like I need a drink. Can\’t wait!

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