Must be that time of the month…

I am unbearably unpleasant. I know this. Here are a few examples:

  1. I woke up totally pissed at John for something he did to me in a dream. Yes, in my subconcious. I guess it just seemed real.
  2. I went off on the technology director in our district because he got all snarky with me about when I can give his technology assessment. AS IF I CARE. I teach English, people. And, while my kids were in the library taking a test, he hooks up a TV for a video conference with some French kids, who are all laughing and babbling… and turned it all the way up. I lost it!!!!
  3. I sent a snarky, condescending reply to an e-mail sent to the entire staff from our Algebra I teacher. He is so full of himself. He sent this big diatribe about his end-of-course assessment and how imporantant it is and how we need to excuse his students from our classes to take it, blah, blah. Like my test and my content isn\’t important, you know? At the bottom he had this dumb quote that read, \”Remember what we can still become not what we should have became.\” WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Grammatical error aside, it sounds like a deep thought from Jack Handy. I corrected his grammar. I never do things like that.
  4. I almost ate part of a Twix bar I dropped on the floor. I also cursed out loud in front of my students (not that they listen) when I dropped the candy bar, which, by the way, was purchased with money I pilfered from Audrey\’s change purse. I am a bad teacher and a bad mother. Sue me.
  5. I have screamed at various students for various reasons that really only normally merit an eye roll or condemning look. today, they get full-on scalding and teacher venom.
  6. If this kid sitting next to me asks me how to spell one more thing, I\’m going after him, too.

On days like these, I should just be left alone in bed with my curtains drawn and a Lifetime movie marathon on television.


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