Debbie Downer, be gone!

Okay, I\’ve had a hot shower and some time to think…and I\’m not going to let that ugly Debbie Downer keep stealing my bliss. So…I\’ve decided to do something new with the blog, and I\’m going to need some help!

When I started this blog, it was never my intention to drone on and on about the realities of my boring life. It really was intended to jump start my creativity, to get me writing again. It morphed into a summary of what I did today, which is a major no-no in my class. It seldom went beyond that. I longed to come up with some creative slant, like Julie Powell did with her Julia Child project. Still, the ideas weren\’t coming, and neither were my posts. I have been a very unfaithful blogger. And yet a few of you read my mindless drivel!

Anyway, here\’s my idea. It isn\’t original. I was actually reading an old issue of Self magazine (November 2009), and found an article by Ugly Betty\’s Becki Newton, where she spent a week doing things she had always wanted to do, but had not had the courage to try. It was her \”Week of Why Nots.\”

That\’s what I\’m going to do…sort of. I am going to undertake a weekly \”Why Not?\” challenge and document my progress on my blog. I have a list of some ideas, but I need some help from the few of you who are reading. I need ideas, I need encouragement. I need to know you are reading so I won\’t give up. I need accountability.

Here\’s a list of ideas that I\’ve come up with so far. Remember, what ever it is, I will do it every day for a week….

  1. Eat a vegan diet
  2. Try a different exercise class each day
  3. Eat no processed foods
  4. Read a book each day (start to finish!!!)
  5. Go without make up (even to work!)
  6. Say only positive things
  7. Chronicle the week in pictures, not words
  8. Watch no TV
  9. No Facebook for a week
  10. Do something charitable every day
  11. Spend only cash-no plastic
  12. Cook every meal we eat
  13. Other things??? Spiritual, physical, intellectual, environmental???? I am open to ideas.

I am trying to figure out when to start on this and which challenge to take first. Next week, I will be attending an Advanced Placement institute and staying with my parents…so the food ideas will be out until after that. I don\’t know…give me your feed back!


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