Back from beyond…

Beyond what? I\’m not sure, but I was far beyond blogging!!! Since school has started, I\’ve been a madwoman. With five different classes, three of which I\’ve never taught before, I\’ve been overwhelmed. I am one month into the year and starting to get myself straightened up.

Anyway, as you can tell, the WHY NOT challenge was a bust. Whatever…I\’m not going to beat myself up about it.

Now, John and I are undertaking a new challenge together. We\’ve decided to tighten up our finances using the Dave Ramsey method. We have his book, The Financial Peace Planner, and would like to take his Financial Peace University course, but that\’s not in the cards for the time being. Instead, we\’re following his advice on our own.

The first \”baby step\” is to establish a $1000 emergency fund. We were halfway there anyway, so we decided to aim for the end of the month to have this in place. This weekend, we counted our change…and found $115 in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Cha–ching! I had a stash of money from my dad ($100)…my fun money is how I regard it. Alas, it is not fair to squirrel it away for selfish purposes, so that goes in the bank, too. Add to that our YMCA membership ($66/month), my Sun Tan City membership ($20/month), our Sonic habit ($5-10 a week), and the bottomless pit of eating out, and you can probably see that we\’ll have NO trouble saving that money.

For two smart people, we sure have been awfully stupid with our money!

#BabySteps #FinancialPeace #frugalliving

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