Baby Step 1- CHECK!

About a month ago, actually less than a month ago, John and I decided to get our finances together and stop wasting so much money. We delved back into the Financial Peace Planner by Dave Ramsey, and began Baby Step#1, which is to build a $1000 emergency savings fund. Our goal was to hit that mark by the end of September and we did it. We actually hit it early in the week!!!

We managed this through very careful budgeting and planning. We have eating out very little this month, which is HUGE for us. I really enjoy cooking if I have a plan, so it is working out for me.

The next step is to pay off debt using the \”Debt Snowball\” technique. We owe similar amounts on the van and our credit card. Our plan is to tackle the credit card since we are quite close to the end of our loan term on the van any way. According to our plan, we\’ll be finished with this step by March 2011!!! How exciting!!

Taking control of this situation has alleviated so much stress. I regret so much that we have owned this book for six or more years and never heeded the advice. We have wasted thousands of dollars and failed to be good stewards of our resources. I am glad that we are finally on the right track!!

#BabySteps #FinancialPeace

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