Thursday\’s Update

Checking in… red was yesterday\’s update, purple is today\’s.

Here is how I\’m doing:
1. Go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. Not yet.
2. Try Zumba Not yet.
3. Cook every day! And freeze things too. YES!
4. Clean out all the closets and get rid of things that don\’t fit/aren\’t worn. Mine is done! Kids are done!
5. Get rid of 25 \”things\” that I don\’t want/like/need/use anymore. I\’ve done more than 25, but I have lost count! One huge storage bin of books and magazines to half price books, removed one old item of clothing for every new one I purchased, and cleaned out the kids\’ downstairs toy bins. Much more to go! Today I did the toy room. WOW!
6. Cut out soda all together. None yesterday or today! Still doing without! Yay, I guess! I\’d really like a big fountain Diet Coke about right now.
7. Blog everyday. Tried yesterday but couldn\’t log on. Two out of three days….not so bad! Does another update count?????
8. Read my Bible everyday. Yes, but not as much as I would like.
9. Deep clean every room. No deep cleaning, just decluttering at this point. Upstairs is CLEAN!!!
10. Take care of dental and doctor appointments I\’ve been putting off. One down, several to go!Appointments have been made for my GI doctor, kids checkups, dentist for me, John, and Audrey…all next week.

I think this is good progress for four days of break. I\’ve managed to sneak quite a bit of resting in there, too. Next week is a committed to some doctor/dental appointments and one-on-one time with Audrey. She\’s been at Mom and Dad\’s and is coming home tomorrow. I have missed her soooo much. She\’s such a fun kid!

I still have gobs of school work to do, and I guess I\’ll do that next week but I just haven\’t even had any interest in it so far. Oh, well…I have two more weeks left to get to it!

#Fallbreak #IamaHomeEconomist

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