Freezer Cookin\’ Friday!

Today, I decided to stock my freezer. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but it hasn\’t happened yet. I made it happen today.

I prepared triple batches of the following:

  1. Cranberry Chicken
  2. Beef Bowtie Bake
  3. Penne with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cheese
  4. Chili

All but the chili came from the Don\’t Panic! cookbooks, with my adaptations. The chili is mine. Tomorrow, I will bake some cornbread as well…I just got tired today! Plus, I baked a pan of brownies and made a salad to take over to a friend who is moving and feeding her volunteer labor force.

Later, I will post pictures and a cost breakdown of the meals. My goal was to be as cost effective as possible. I shopped at Sav-a-Lot and Kroger, kept a detailed list of the amount I paid for each item, and bought as much on sale as I could. I think I did well. Without the receipts handy,I am going to estimate that cranberry chicken was the priciest meal at about $8…but it serves 4 to 6, so I feel pretty good about that. The pasta dishes were probably around $6 or so, and serve 4-6. You can\’t beat that!!!

I plan on baking some homemade bread this weekend, too…never done that before and I am not a great baker, so we\’ll see how that turns out.

I have opened so many cans of tomatoes, beans, sauce, etc, that my arms got a great workout! I am proud of myself, excited to get the final tallies on the prices, and completely exhausted!!!

#freezercooking #frugalliving #IamaHomeEconomist

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