Chasing my tail

I\’ve been back in school for two weeks and have totally fallen off the blog-wagon. I was doing so well, too. It isn\’t that I haven\’t had some fantastic thoughts I wanted to share. I have. I had this whole post in my head about the difference between the faith of a child and childish faith. It was a doozie. You\’ll have to just trust me on that, though, since it never made it out of my head.

You see, I\’ve been going in circles the last two weeks. I knew I would be encountering some busy days, but on our first day back to school, we had a faculty meeting that just intensified the stress I was feeling with the beginning of the new quarter. I\’ve been something of a mad woman lately. I work a little on this, a little on that, put out a fire here, cross one item off my to-do list but add four more, and at the end of the day, I\’m not sure what I\’ve accomplished at all. I\’ve just been swamped. And, everytime I\’ve seen a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, it really has turned out to be a train!

To top it all off, I have not been able to shake the sinus infection that I developed last week. I still sound hoarse and sniffly despite finishing a round of antibiotics today.

Anyway, I *think* things are going to slow down this week. Perhaps. I\’ve decided to move forward and stop worrying about whether I\’ve done all the things that needed doing up to this point. I\’m starting from scratch, and I aim to keep my head above water through what promises to be a busy Christmas season.

Tonight, I started planning our family\’s advent activities. I want us to do a nightly devotion and some kind of activity. I\’m thinking of a mini-tree with an ornament for each day that corresponds with our devotion. I also hope to blog about the devotions we\’ll do. That\’s not an unreasonable goal is it?

#Advent #balancingworkandhome

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