Thankful for..

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. We\’re going to Natural Bridge State Resort Park to eat at the Hemlock Lodge with both sets of grandparents, then home with my folks for some spoiling, and then Friday, we\’ll enjoy our traditional soup and sandwich supper with John\’s extended family.

I\’m thankful for much. So much. Here\’s a partial list, not really in any order.

1. A fantastic husband and a wonderful marriage.
2. Beautiful and healthy (if not always well behaved) children.
3. An ever blossoming relationship with God and a church for me and my family to grow in.
4. A host of wonderful, supportive friends. You know who you are!
5. A mostly great job. Today, it is super great. I\’m not there!
6. Abundance in almost every area of my material life, certainly more than I deserve.
7. My parents and extended family.
8. My health. Two years ago, I couldn\’t really say that. I was just thankful to be not dead.
9. Gifts and talents and the opportunity to share with others.
10. Glee. I know that is dumb, but it brings me soooo much joy.

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