I have very little resolve. You would know this if you scroll back through the pages of this blog and see all the times I\’ve assured my readership that I\’ll be posting regularly, then note that there is a four week (or longer!) gap between that post and the next one. I just stink at sticktoitiveness. I would like to blame it on the million and one other commitments I have in my life, like the kids, my marriage, my job, and church, and that is partially true, but the main thing is that my attention shifts from one obsession to the next pretty quickly, and I just give up.

With 2010 coming to a close, the world is abuzz with New Year\’s resolutions. You won\’t be surprised to know that I make resolutions every year and fail to keep them. However, I\’ll try again this year. The bar is set pretty low, so any accomplishment will be a point of pride. My pessimism is shining through, I know.

Drumroll, please. My 2011 resolutions are here.

1. Lose weight. I think 15 pounds would be doable and would help A LOT! Twenty five would be awesome, but who am I kidding?
2. Get organized. I can\’t make this one more specific. Any improvement in this area would be welcome.
3.Sell a crocheted item or two, or more!
4.Cook four nights a week, and cook different things!
5. Read 25 books this year, and document them on this blog.
6. Blog twice weekly.
7. Attend a genealogy workshop.
8. Memorize scripture. I think a verse a week is doable.
9. Do something different. Try new things. Zumba, pottery, Bunco, wool spinning…just a few of the things I\’d like to try.  They are all \”fun\” things, so why not?
10. Get back on the Financial Peace train. I think it ran me over during the holidays. 🙂

See! I did it. Now, the tough part is to figure out how I\’ll make those things happen. I will report back on my progress and failings throughout the year. I hope 2011 brings your all the things you hope for!


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