The struggle

Work is not going the way I\’d like it to go right now. It isn\’t one specific thing. In fact, it seems like it is EVERYTHING. I\’m just struggling to keep a good attitude right now.

I\’ve prayed about this A LOT. I\’ve whined, too. I am at a point that I\’m not sure what to do next. Do I keep at it, keep my eyes on the prize? I\’m not even sure what the prize is at this point. Spring break? Summer? Retirement? Do I give up and find another way to spend my life? If so, what is that?

I know that I should be really grateful to have a job. I work with a lot of good people and some really great kids. I get paid well and have a nice schedule.  It\’s just that I\’m not sure my heart is here any more. I\’m not sure WHERE my heart is!

I hope that I can pull myself out of this funk. Let me rephrase that. I trust that God will pull me out of this funk, and set my feet on the right path. Until then, I\’m just going to keep running the race.


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