Hello, Sunshine!

The sun is shining today, both literally and figuratively. We\’ve had cold, dreary winter weather for a LONG time. The forecast for the next eight days shows that we\’ll reach the 60 degree mark by the end of next week. I am thrilled. Today, the sun is shining so brightly that I have to squint even inside my classroom. I am not complaining about it. It is spectacular!!!

It isn\’t just the big yellow orb that I\’m talking about, though. I have been in a major emotional funk for the last several weeks. Stuff has just really worn on me, both personally and at work. Especially at work. I just couldn\’t snap out of it, either. I was grouchy, mopey, and just sad. I think the lack of sunshine played a big part in it. It was an unexplainable darkness inside of me that reflected the weather. I had reverted to my Debbie Downer ways, and I was miserable. Worse, I was making everyone else miserable, too.

I woke up Wednesday morning and felt like the fog had lifted. I could think clearly again. I could concentrate and make decisions. It was a great feeling. Now, I\’ve gotten some rest, had some time to think, and all the stuff that was making me feel so sad seems to be just trivial, or at least things that I can handle. I\’m glad. I\’m still a little cranky, but that is who I am! If I were nice all the time, people wouldn\’t know what to do with me.

I\’m ready for that warm up next week. Who knows what the sun will bring?


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