What an opportunity!

When I was in the second grade, I won second place the West Liberty Elementary field day contest for best short story. It was about a little girl who found out she needed glasses but was afraid others would laugh at her. At the ripe old age of eight, a passion was ignited in me. I loved to write. From then on, I dabbled in poetry, stories, and non-fiction, and wrote competitively in academic meets with some success. I chose English as my major in college because it was the one thing I really loved.

I didn’t become a speech writer for President Clinton, like I’d dreamed as a teenager, or an international journalist or a romance novelist. I chose to take my passion to the people. I became a teacher. And, later, a wife and a mother. Somewhere along the way, my writing took a backseat to life.

I began blogging a few years ago, but my blog lacked direction. I am relatively certain the masses weren’t fascinated by my tales of potty training or what’s for dinner. In the fall, I prayerfully considered the purpose of my blog. Was it a waste of time or a missed opportunity?

God began to reveal to me ways that I could use my blog to reach people for Him. I could share my Christian walk- my failings and my growth- with others. And so I did. The response was very encouraging. People actually READ my blog and commented on it!!! That gave me the affirmation I needed to begin writing again on a regular basis.

About the same time, My husband and I began taking more leadership within our church and Sunday School class. We began facilitating our Sunday and Wednesday groups. This, along with wider readership of my blog, lead to an opportunity for me to speak in church on laity Sunday. That day, I began to see how all of these things fit together. I was finally doing the thing I was meant to do. I’m not a preacher- not by a long shot- but I do think that God has called me to teach others to be disciples, and has given me some specific gifts to help me along the way.

I like to read devotionals about other women like me, Christian women trying to make a difference in our own little corners of the universe. I regularly read Proverbs 31 and Lysa TerKeurst’s websites for inspiration. I’ve eyed the She Speaks conference for a while, thinking it would be an awesome opportunity for me to meet other women who have been called to the same ministry as I am. I’d love to learn how to make my blog and my life more effective tools to build disciples. Lysa TerKeurst has offered an opportunity to win a scholarship to this awesome conference. Winning would be the only chance I would have at attending.

We serve an awesome God who gifts us all in different ways. I am grateful for this blog, for the readers, and for the opportunity to act out His will in my life. It\’s amazing to see His plans come together!

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