First edition of Mission Monday

It\’s Monday! As if the time change wasn\’t crushing enough, it is rainy and dreary here in Central Kentucky. Yuck!!!

Today, I\’m kicking off my new plan to jazz up the old blog by profiling a mission-oriented project. I\’m starting off with an organization that is near and dear to my heart, Go Frankfort. This organization started within the Sunday School class I attend at First United Methodist Church, and thanks to some very dedicated leaders, it has really grown.

Go Frankfort organizes volunteers to go out into the community to perform service projects for various agencies. In the spring and again in the fall, hundreds of Frankfortians (Frankforters?) join together for a morning of hard work and fellowship and knock out some really big tasks. In the past, Go Frankfort has taken on the following projects:

  1. PUSH – playground rehab
  2. Walk/Bike Frankfort – clearing and maintaining biking trails at Capitol View Park
  3. Bicycle collection for Folk Bike Recyclery
  4. SIMON House – Maintenance, repairs and painting
  5. Safe House (Domestic Violence) – painting, hanging cabinets and weatherize window
  6. Sunshine Center – building shelves
  7. Kings Center – Lot cleanup and minor repairs inside
  8. Downtown cleanup – garbage pickup and leaf raking
  9. CommonWealth Gardens – fall cleanup of community gardens
  10. Highway cleanup – litter collection on 127S and on 60
  11. Food collection for the Franklin County Emergency Food Pantry

Those are just a few of the areas in which Go Frankfort assists the community.

The spring voluteer day is set for May 21. It\’s a great time for everyone involved. I\’ve worked mainly at the Domestic Violence Safe House and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The first time I went  to scope out the property and create a plan for our work day, I was greeted at the door by one of my students. He and his sister, along with his mom and younger siblings, lived there. It shook me. I had no idea \”my\” kids were there. They have moved on, but that memory has lingered. I wanted to make the house as much a home as possible for the families that would find refuge there.

I\’m not a particularly handy person, but I\’ve found that I can do a lot of things I never knew I could do. I learned to winterize windows…and I was GOOD at it! I\’ve painted, redecorated, and cleaned- and gotten more done in four hours there than I could ever do at home!

I urge my fellow Frankforians to join in the fun in May. There are many ways to support Go Frankfort. Your time, of course, is crucial. Sign up to be a volunteer! Or, you can donate to the cause. Money and supplies are always welcome. Often, Go Frankfort hosts fundraiser events. Most recently, they served up some delicious BBQ for lunch, and just this weekend held the first ever Go Frankfort Dodgeball Tournament. Check this link for more information. You\’ll be glad you did!


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