Jazzing up the blog

I\’m trying to think of a way to jazz up The Unquiet Life and also provide a little structure so that my posts aren\’t so random. I thought about going with daily themes, such as:
Missions Monday- Highlight different mission-oriented organization, group, or website each Monday.
Tasty Tuesday- What I\’m cooking or wish I was cooking, or highlight a great foodie website
Wordless Wednesday- A picture of something going on in my world- or the world in general
Thirsty Thursday- A drink of \”living water\”- comments on a Bible passage
Friday Fives- A list of something…things I love, hate, want to do, etc.
Wildcard Weekends- You never really know…

This was harder than I thought! I am still not committed to these topics. If you have ideas, I\’ll gladly consider any suggestions.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


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