Reflections on my Walk to Emmaus

I promised reflections about my Walk to Emmaus. I\’m going to try to do my best with this post, but, honestly, I\’m not sure that words will do it justice. Yes, I am speechless. Don\’t get used to it!!

For those of you who haven\’t heard about the Walk to Emmaus, click on this link to read more. It is basically a three day spiritual renewal retreat, but it was a lot more for me. My wonderful sponsor, Joan, took me to Wilmore on Thursday evening. I was able to see many of my old Trinity Hill United Methodist Church friends, and met my roommate. We got \”oriented\” and the weekend began. I was still pretty clueless as to what to expect. And, for once, that was okay with me.

Thoughout the weekend filled with various talks, prayer, and worship, I got to know the ladies at my table quite well. We shared a lot of laughs, personal stories, and tears. I started learning more about myself and my relationship with God, as well. A lot of the things I realized can\’t be verbalized, or at least I am finding that hard to do, but here\’s one big thing I got, and I *think* I can convey it in writing.

The scripture that relates the original Walk to Emmaus is found in Luke 24:13-35. Just after Jesus\’s death, two friends were traveling out of Jerusalem toward Emmaus,and they were discussing the horrific details of the crucifixion. Jesus came along side them and talked with them, providing them with the answers to all the questions they had about what had happened. However, these two men didn\’t recognize Jesus. They arrived home and invited the stranger in to dinner, and suddenly, as Jesus blessed the bread, their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, but he was gone.

My whole life has been spent on that road. I\’ve studied, discussed, learned, and had those God moments, but I have been too blind to see how the love of Jesus has been working in my life. I saw it this weekend for the first time. I knew my parents loved me, my husband loved me, and a few of my friends did too. However, I don\’t think I really believed that most people loved me. In turn, I kept a big wall around my heart, and didn\’t love others the way I should, since I doubted their sincerity towards me and didn\’t want to be hurt.

This weekend, I really saw the love of God…from friends, family, and complete strangers. My eyes were opened. I\’ve been changed. I want to show love to everyone. I want to build my spiritual life and become the person that God intends for me to be.

Now, I went into the weekend hoping that I would get some revelation about what God wants me to do with my life. I didn\’t really get that.  I\’m still as confused about that as ever. However, I\’m okay with that. I\’m just trusting that He\’ll lead me to the plans He has for me.

I think the Walk was one of the most significant things I\’ve ever done. I would encourage anyone else who wants a deeper relationship with Christ to consider going. I\’d be glad to answer questions for you.

As we sang on our walk, \”De Colores!\”


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