My Psalm 90:12 Adventure

Psalm 90:12 says, \”Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.\” Hold on to that verse for a second. I\’ll come back to it.

Most people have heard of the exercise program P90x. It stands for Power90Extreme, and is a rigorous fitness and diet program designed to produce significant results. I think that\’s great if that\’s your thing. Clearly, it isn\’t mine. For me, \”intense\” and \”physical\” don\’t belong in the same sentence. I\’m loving Zumba, but that hardly qualifies as \”extreme.\”

I have decided to embark on a different kind of 90 day adventure. I\’m going to read the Bible in 90 days. I thought I\’d be really cute and call it B90x, but someone else already did that. So, I\’m going to call it P90:12Adventure, in reference to the verse above. I\’m numbering my days as I read through God\’s word in order to gain a heart of wisdom.I\’m on Week 2, day 4, which is approximately 12% complete.  I began on March 27. My estimated date of completion is June 24, which my 34th birthday!

Here\’s what I\’m doing. At my Emmaus Walk, someone gave me a \”Read Through the Bible in a Year\” plan. I adapted it by breaking it into 13 chunks. This particular plan appealed to me because, unlike some other 90 day plans, it doesn\’t have me reading in order. I have tried those plans before, and the prospect of 27 chapters of Leviticus in a row doesn\’t work for my ADD brain. My interest wanes and I give up. However, knowing I only need to do a few short readings in those heavy, complicated books and then I can move on to something more \”fun\” keeps me motivated.

The structure for this plan is:
Sunday: Gospels
Monday: Law
Tuesday: History
Wednesday: Psalms
Thursday: Poetry
Friday: Prophecy
Saturday: Epistles

So far, I\’ve read Matthew 1-22, Genesis 1-31, the book of Joshua, Judges 1-16, Psalms 1-23, Job 1-8, Isaiah 1-22 and Romans 1-8.  I\’ll try to post some updates on here, as well as things I\’m learning as I go.

If you\’d like to accompany me on my P90:12Adventure, leave a comment w/ your email address or email me at and I\’ll send you a copy of the plan!

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