Check out the Purple Dress Project

A few months back, I was visiting another blog, saw a post by another commenter, and clicked on her link. I scanned her blog and found references to Crohn\’s disease, so I began to read. Ashley, author of A Hasty Life, is a young woman whose life has been altered by Crohn\’s much like mine has.

This month, she\’s raising funds and awareness for Crohn\’s disease through the Purple Dress Project. Pop over to her blog and check it out. She\’s wearing the same purple dress every day this month, chronicling the adventure with pictures, and posting daily facts about the disease. She\’s a doctoral student in textiles and has a great sense of style. She\’s rockin\’ that purple dress!

I\’ve provided a couple of links for you but her blog is always in my \”Blogs I Read\” list, so she\’s easy to find.
Kudos to Ashley, and kudos to you for checking her out!

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