It\’s me, it\’s me, it\’s me, O Lord!

Standin\’ in the need of prayer. I bought the boys a new CD of fun little religious songs, and that\’s one of them, and tonight it applies to me.

I go back to work on Monday.  When I think about it, my chest gets tight and I want to throw up. It isn\’t that I hate my job. Really. I\’ve just lost my fire for it. I feel very strongly that there is something else I should be doing, and I suspect that it is all a part of God\’s bigger plan for me. Some of that is being revealed to me, little by little, but it\’s like working a big puzzle- I\’ve only got the edges put together. The big picture in the center is still in pieces waiting to be figured out. And, you all know, waiting drives me nuts!

Here\’s where the prayer part comes in. I need you to pray that God will continue to reveal His plans for me, and that I\’ll have a heart and eyes that are open enough to recognize it. I need you to pray that I\’ll have enough faith to walk down that path, even though I already can tell that it might be scary, it might be unpopular, and it might be difficult. I need you to pray that I\’ll be strong enough to handle the opposition and the challenges that come along. I need you to pray that I\’ll be obedient no matter what.

I know that God is mighty and can do more than I imagine possible. I\’ve seen Him work before, but usually it is in the lives of others. Now, I\’m beginning to see Him working in my life, and it is amazing- and terrifying! I appreciate your prayers and your love! You guys are the best!!!



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