Cracked cisterns

I am on my fifth week of my 90 Day Bible reading plan. I have missed a day or two along the way but am mostly caught up. I\’ve found areas that I really enjoy reading and others that I\’ve struggled through.

In addition to much of Psalms and Job, here\’s what I\’ve completed:
1 Corinthians

Right now, the \”prophecy\” section I\’m in is Jeremiah and I really have been getting a LOT out of it. I hate to say that Isaiah was a struggle for me- but it really was. Jeremiah is full of things that I can apply to my life, and it has brought a lot of answers to things I\’ve been struggling with. In Jeremiah 2: 13, I read this last week:  “My people have committed two sins: they have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.\” Jeremiah was relaying God\’s message about the Israelites who had continued with their destructive pattern of wandering from God and worshiping false idols.

I think that verse has major implications for the church today, too. People are thirsty for God\’s word, but rather than drinking from His living water, they search for it on their own. They dig their own cisterns and get no water from them because they are like a seive…the water slips right through. Just like the Israelites, they call out to God when they are suffering, but then wander away again when they get what they need. They follow after messages that are easy to hear and require little sacrifice. Those false doctrines or idols that are pleasing to us are nothing more than cracked cisterns. Can we expect our thirst to be quenched if we drink of anything other than Living Water??


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