On the menu this week

Spring break was lovely, but it derailed my organized life. I was in a great groove of planning and cooking meals at least 5 times a week. I was a coupon clipping diva. I was tracking my points on Weight Watchers, working out 4 times a week, and losing weight at a reasonable pace. I had it all together.

And then, three weeks of blissful, unstructured break, and POOF! All gone!

I\’ve gained my weight back, thanks in large part to the fact that I\’ve been eating out almost every night because I didn\’t take the time to plan my meals. I threw out food that went bad because I was too lazy too cook. I missed the gym almost all of last week because life got in the way and I just didn\’t make it a priority.

To top it off, I\’ve been in a very cranky mood because of all the chaos, which has yielded even more emotional eating than normal, which has created that cycle that I hate so much.

This week, I\’ve got a better handle on things. I made time to plan my meals, thanks to E-Mealz. We\’re having Mexican skillet pasta tonight, tandoori chicken tomorrow, mango salsa tilapia Thursday, and dijon chicken Friday night.

I\’ve set my schedule to include Zumba at least three times, probably four. I\’ve planned my outfits out for the week to save precious time in the mornings.

Hopefully, we\’ll all recognize a positive change in my attitude, a negative change in my weight, and a general overall glow about me.

Let\’s go with that.

#balancingworkandhome #emotionaleating #IamaHomeEconomist

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