I haven\’t written a single blog post in two and a half months. I haven\’t had anything to say, and I am not exactly sure why. Well, I could offer a couple of reasons, but really, I have no excuse except that I\’ve fallen into a dark place where I\’m surrounded by doubt and negativity. It\’s hard to write from here.

It all started when I let someone\’s careless words hurt my feelings, and then I let that spiral into doubting myself and my mission. I\’m still living in that cloud of doubt, but I\’m working through it. I\’m trying really hard to surround myself with people who support me, who want the same things I want spiritually, and who can help me find my way through this place. I\’m learning more about my self and the way I think, and I\’ve learned that I have to accept the fact that I am powerless to change other people. I can influence, inspire, persuade, support, cajole, but I can\’t change them. I can\’t make them see things the same way I do. I can\’t make them care about the things I care about.

So, all that said, I\’m going to do my best to get out of the hole I\’m in and to kill the doubt. More posts to come….

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