I heard a really good meditation today about inconvenience, about how inconvenient it can be for us to do what God calls us to do. It really hit home with me. For a year or so now, I\’ve been feeling God\’s pull on my life to do something. I\’ve not yet figured out what that something is, but I\’m starting to get a  bit more clarity. And what I am seeing would definitely not be convenient.

When I spent some time thinking about this, I began to realize that no one ever produces great results for God by doing only what is convenient. In fact, when I look at the heroes of the Bible, none of them took the easy route. All of them were faced with challenges and forced out of their comfort zones, but if they had not said yes to God\’s call, they would have made no real impact. But they said yes with total abandon.

I was really convicted by this. I can recall countless times when I didn\’t say yes. It didn\’t fit my schedule. I was too busy, too comfortable, too lazy, or too stubborn to do what God called me to do. I needed a detailed outline of His plan, in 12 point font, presented at least a month in advance in order to clear my calendar and even consider committing to something. And, if I was going to step out on faith, it would need to be something I was good at and that I wouldn\’t make a fool of myself by trying. On the off chance that I did say yes, it was really more like a maybe. Maybe I\’ll do it, if it is easy, if no one steps on my toes, and if I don\’t have to give up much of my time. Yes- when it is convenient.

For some reason, God has been persistent with me. Instead of passing me over and moving on to someone with a more willing heart, He kept softening mine. He put me in places and with people who could encourage me to do more, to push past my boundaries, and walk in total security that God\’s plan is way better than mine, even when I can\’t see it all or it doesn\’t make sense. Or, if it inconveniences me a little- or a lot!

So, I\’m ready to say yes. To whatever it is. Yes, with abandon. Yes, with all of my soul. Yes, even if it is inconvenient. Just yes.


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