Summertime. Well, almost.

Today begins the last week of school. It is going to be a long one. I am so anxious to close this chapter of my life and get rolling on the next one. However, I need to trudge through a few more days before that can happen.

This week also brings kindergarten to a close for Jack and Sam. They were only four when they started, and that was a big worry for me. In fact, Kentucky legislature changed the benchmark date for kindergarten just this year, which would have meant that the boys would still be in preschool if the law had been enacted earlier. I am glad they were able to start kindergarten this year, however, because it has been a great learning and growing time for them.

Despite being the babies of their class, they have done well in school.They are reading well and growing up quite a bit. Sam loves to write. His spelling is hysterically phonetic. I love to see him write \”byootifool\” and all of the other concoctions he creates. Jack has managed to make it through the year with not a single visit to the Principal\’s office. Perhaps I am speaking too soon. He has until Wednesday. His worst offense to date has been peeing on a tree on the playground.

Audrey will finish first grade and I am extremely proud of the beautiful, thoughtful, smart girl she is. Her reading is amazing, and she is a math whiz also. She is curious, artistic, and so mature.

I had originally planned a summer full of learning experiences for the kids, just so they won\’t suffer from the summer slump and be behind when they start at their new school in the fall. However, I\’m not sure I want to proceed. I don\’t want to burn them out. Instead, we will just have weekly library visits, some fun science and art activities, and do some carefully disguised learning as we live this summer.

I would be remiss if I didn\’t post some goals of my own for the summer. Of course, healthy living is a big one…I want to continue eating more natural, nutritious foods. I also want to get through the Couch to 5K plan this summer, or at least as far as possible. I\’m also going to participate in an online Bible study of 1 Peter with the ladies at Allume. I hope to blog more and build a better sense of community with readers. I want to continue reading lots and lots of good books– I\’m at 39 for the year toward my goal of 50! I might even break 100!!! I want to get my house organized and create some routines for me and the kids to follow so that it stays that way when school starts back.

Most of all, I want to enjoy the summer at home with the kids. John is taking most Fridays off, and we also have a little vacation planned to the Smoky Mountains. I want to regain the peace that the past school year or two stole from me. I  don\’t like the negative, selfish, perpetually exhausted grouch I have become.

Here\’s to the summer of 2012- a time for peace, wellness, Spiritual renewal, and happiness!

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