Quick Thankful Things Catch Up

I think I left off on November 15, which means I am only four days off kilter. That is an improvement!

11/16- Thankful for my mom, who sometimes drives me crazy, but is my biggest cheerleader and truest friend.
11/17- Thankful for my mini-me, Audrey. She\’s so much fun and an absolute joy.
11/18- Thankful for Jackson, my happy-go-lucky, freckled bundle of cuddles. Some girl will be super lucky to land him someday. You know, when he decides that I\’m not the only girl for him.
11/19-Thankful for short work weeks. Really, seriously thankful for a time to catch up and rest.

Whew. Much more to say, but lunch time is over. I\’m thankful for you, my readers, who tolerate my inconsistency and love me anyway. Does that count for tomorrow?????

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