I wear the mask

\”Masks always make shallow what God has intended to be deep. Friendships. Marriages. Families. Churches. Everything in our lives gets cheated when we choose to be fake.\” Jill Fleener Savage, No More Perfect Moms, p. 16.

I have been chosen to be on the launch team for this awesome new book by Jill Fleener Savage. (More about the book in days to come, or click the  button on the side of the page for more info.) I will confess that I have had the book for a few weeks and just havent\’ been able to get started on it for a variety of reason. Mainly because I am lazy. Anyway, I\’ve started it now, and I must say, it speaks directly to me.

I\’m not sure what YOU think of me. You may think I\’m a totally together working mom who gets it all done and keeps a smile on her face. You may think I\’m a super strong Christian whose faith is unshakable. You may think I\’m creative, crafty, and witty. Or, you may think I\’m none of these things and something else altogether. Sometimes I\’m really surprised when someone reveals to me their initial impression of me, and even the impression that I\’ve given them over time. Pleasantly surprised sometimes, and other times, not so much!

I realize that, at one point or another, I\’ve worn all of these masks and many more to hide the person I really am. Insecure, incapable, unkind, jealous, critical, struggling, disorganized, lazy, gluttonous, and many other things that I try valiantly to hide behind my mask.  In other words- a sinner, just like everyone else, with my own burdens to bear.

Jill talks about this in Chapter 1: The Perfection Infection. I think that is a very apt description of what most of us go through. We are infected with the drive for perfection, which, of course, we\’ll never acheive, and then we feel compelled to wear those masks to cover up our imperfections. And the cycle never ends- until we decide to stop it.

One of my five adjectives for this year is \”BOLD.\” I think that boldness is what is required of us to remove the mask and be the authentic person God created us to be. I\’m going to focus on being BOLD enough to stop covering up my imperfections with a mask. Of course, I don\’t mean that I\’m going to let it all hang out, but rather, I\’ll work on those heart issues that I try to cover up. I will work on them without hiding them. Sounds pretty tough! I may need YOU to keep me accountable!

What masks have you worn? What will it take for you to shed the mask and live an authentic life? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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