For Lent….

Today, the social media world is all abuzz with folks publicizing what they are giving up for Lent.  It makes me feel a little inadequate, as I am not giving up anything tangible this year. In the past, I\’ve had some success giving up things like romance novels (in exchange for better literature) and Facebook. I had prayed for insight on what seemed to be interfering with my relationship with God, and at those specific times, He pointed me in those specific directions. I\’ve prayed about it again this year. He hasn\’t revealed something big and external. Instead, , He has convicted me of something deeper and more personal. My thoughts.  Honestly, I don\’t know what needs pruning from my life this year more than negative thoughts. But how does one give up NEGATIVE THINKING? Really? I will not think negative thoughts. Isn\’t that kind of a negative thought already?

I guess I can\’t \”quit\” thinking negative thoughts, but I can choose to redirect my thinking, focus on the positive, spend more time in prayer and study and Christian action than in those negative-thought-breeding activities (umm, so maybe I *SHOULD* give up Facebook?)

Like all things I set my mind to do, I have a plan. I created a calendar for myself (and I\’m sharing it with my classes) to fill out. Each day, I\’ll have a person, place, or thing to pray for, a scripture to read, and/or an act of kindness or service to perform. At least I\’ll be organized! In theory, I\’ll have lots to blog about as a result, but we all know how that usually turns out. Keep your expectations low, friends!

I\’m including my calendar for sharing if you are so inclined. Click here to view it. Share it with your family and friends!

How about you? What has God called you to lay aside for the next 40 days? What has He called you to take up? Share, please! I would love to hear your thoughts and encourage you!

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