I guess I gave up blogging…

I could make a million excuses as to why my blog has been silent for so long. However, it really boils down to one thing: I had lost the desire to write anything for public consumption.

Well, aren\’t you glad to know that I\’ve got my mojo back? Seriously, back when I was blogging regularly, I felt a burning desire that I know God placed in my heart to share my thoughts, struggles, insights, and, well, my life. Then, it went away. The words were still there, floating around in disjointed clusters in my brain. The struggles were CERTAINLY there. I just couldn\’t get it all together in a way that made any sense. I have a dozen draft blog entries that I started but lacked the oomph to complete.

For the past few weeks, I\’ve felt that stirring again. That prompting to put my thoughts out there for others to see. Several times, I have experienced a strong leading to write. Finally, I\’m getting to it.

Now, I don\’t have anything big or profound to say today. Just wanted to tune up my old blog and get it ready for whatever God has in mind for me to say.

Are you ready? I am!

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