Words from a wimp: Prayer

For quite a while now, I have felt this urging to improve my prayer life. As a result, I took a few tangible steps to help me move in the right direction. I began participating in the intercessory prayer ministry at my church. I constructed a prayer journal.  I have read a number of books about prayer and I\’m currently in TWO Bible/Book studies about prayer- Approaching God by Steve Brown and Before Amen by Max Lucado, which begins with the author declaring that he is a \”recovering prayer wimp.\” Max. A giant in the Christian world. If he thinks he is wimpy, then what am I? Queen of All Wimps!

As I\’m drawing closer to Christ, one big thing strikes me: none of all that stuff- the studies, the books, the journal- is necessary. All that is needed is for me to COME TO HIM. The Bible provides us with very specific yet very simple  instructions from Jesus Himself about how to do prayer, and as it turns out, a wimp can do just fine following His instructions.

So, I\’m practicing following those instructions. I pray the Lord\’s Prayer. Sometimes I put it into my own words and fill in my needs and the needs of others, but sometimes I just repeat it as is. Sometimes I\’m more elaborate, but sometimes my prayers just consist of a single word or phrase repeated over and over. \”You are good.\” \”Help me Father.\” \”Thank you, Lord.\”

And guess what? It\’s enough. Just bringing myself to His throne, sitting in his presence, letting my heart be open, stilling my self. It\’s enough.

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