Goals for 2015

Last week, we ushered in a new year. Like always, I set some goals and make my grand schemes for the days to come. Here\’s my list for 2015. 

1. Learn how to ride my hoverboard.

Oh, wait. Back to the Future Part 2 didn\’t happen? Ooops! I guess some more realistic goals are needed then. I present to you my real, serious, not-fake list for 2015. 

1. Smile more.
2. Stress less.
3. Encourage more.
4. Worry less.
5. Write more.
6. Procrastinate less.
7. Make more.
8. Spend less.
9. Move more.
10. Eat less.

I love these. I know they don\’t fit the SMART goal thing you are supposed to do, but I like them because I know I can succeed.  They aren\’t so specific that I end up quitting mid-January because I\’ve already fallen off the wagon. Plus, because of number two, \”Stress less,\” I have made it impossible to worry about failing. 

I am a genius. I know. 

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