Snowmageddon 2015 and a Goal Update

Just when I thought winter was going to leave us high and dry with nary a snow day to be found, mid-February brought Octavia and nearly a foot of snow, plus brutal cold. Snowmageddon, if you will. Gross. That\’s not a complaint, though… just an evaluative remark on the weather. We\’ve been out of school all week, which has been positively restorative for me. I was wiped out. Now, I think I can make it to Spring Break thanks to this little boost.

Six weeks into 2015, it seems like a great time to update you on my progress toward the goals I set for the year. 

1. Smile more.
 (Maybe. I think I\’ve been kind of grouchy. See #2.)

2. Stress less. (Not really. I wish I could say yes, but extenuating circumstances- you know, the kind that are soooo far beyond my control that I shouldn\’t let them annoy me but they do anyway- have plagued me with stress. I\’ve tried to remain positive, but it has taken a toll- sleeplessness, upset stomach, generally pessimistic attitude. When March arrives, things should be better.)
3. Encourage more. (I don\’t think so. However, that is my plan for Lent.)
4. Worry less. (See #2, and my remarks below.)
5. Write more. (Nope.)
6. Procrastinate less. (Nope. I am so behind on stuff at school it isn\’t funny. Well, behind on lesson plans and unit plans, any way. Grades are kind of caught up, but that is in spite of my procrastination. And, yeah, I have had all week to work on this stuff, but seriously. It was SNOW. That means I am only allowed to  sit on the couch, binge watch Gilmore Girls, cook, crochet, and read. Back off, worker bees. It\’ll get done.)
7. Make more. (Finally, one I can respond positively to! I\’ve been a cooking and hooking fool. Suzy Homemaker right here!) 
8. Spend less. (YES! In addition to being conscientious with my grocery and food budget, I\’ve not purchased ONE new piece of clothing all year. I know, normal people are all, \”WHATEVER, Princess.\” But for me, that\’s HUGE!!!!!! I plan to make it through February before I permit myself a spree. Also, I\’ve been better about those darn Amazon Prime impulse purchases. Delaying the gratification isn\’t easy but it is worth it.)
9. Move more. (I bought a FitBit- full disclosure: I had a gift card, so it didn\’t interfere with number 8.  Up until Snowmageddon, I was doing well. Getting back at it tomorrow!!!) 
10. Eat less. (Err…umm…kinda. Again, Snowmageddon has reversed my progress on this. Quoth Scarlett, \”Tomorrow is another day.\” )

In evaluating my progress, I realize that numbers 2 and 4 are really the same thing. So, I am making a revision. Henceforth, goal #4 shall be, \”Complain less.\” 

Be it resolved.

Starting now. 


I have also been reading like a boss. My annual reading goal is 50 books. I usually make it or get really close. I don\’t count books I read at school with kids unless it is the first time I read it with them. To this date, I\’ve read 19 books. I\’m totally going to make it to 50 by summer if I keep this pace. I may re-evaluate in June and aim for 60. 

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