Yo, friends!

Let\’s pretend it hasn\’t been 4+ months since my last post. Let\’s just go right on and pretend like nothing ever happened.



Anyway, a new school year has started and I\’m busy busy busy. I have five distinct preps with students of wide ranging needs. I have one kid in Taekwondo twice (or more) a week, one in baseball with two games and one practice weekly, and I\’m working in the after care program at school. Add to that I\’m mentoring a new teacher (KTIP- Kentucky friends, you know how much fun it is!), sticking to the budget and cooking dinner every night, and helping the kids get the homework done…whew! So many things, so little time!!!!

Before school started, in anticipation of the busy-ness, I felt really anxious. I worried that all the stuff would wear me down and make me susceptible to a Crohn\’s flare. I began to pray that God would give me the energy to get it all done and keep the stress and exhaustion at bay.

At the same time and on a completely different mental path, I decided it was time for my daughter, Audrey, to get a little more active. She is much like me in so many ways. We don\’t want to sweat. We\’d rather curl up with a good book or movie than be active. I love that about her. However, I didn\’t want her future to involve chronic illness like mine does. So, we began talking about things we\’d like to try together, since both of us need to move more. We enjoy our Fitbits and don\’t mind to walk (in an flat and air conditioned space, please), but we wanted to add some variety. We began to discuss options like Jazzercise (too dancy, she said) or Zumba (even more dancy). Taekwondo with brother? Um, no (although the prospect of kicking him in the head appealed to her). I began to pray about this, too. I want her to be strong, healthy, and confident about her body. I want to model that in my life and be a good example of physical stewardship.

We decided we might try yoga. But where? There is a yoga studio in town, but, to be honest, it kinda seems a little too out there for me. Incense and chanting and spirit animals and such. I began researching and compiling ideas. A couple of gyms in town offered classes, but we weren\’t really sure about how buying day passes would go. Then, out of the blue, my freshman year college roommate, who lives about 15 minutes from us, posted on Facebook that someone was teaching yoga on Saturday mornings at her church. Seemed pretty much like divine intervention…plus, there are no fewer than three donut places near or on the way to the church. Yes.

We asked my dear friend Megan to go with us, because everything is more fun with a friend, and honestly, I needed accountability. In fact, if she had begged off that first Saturday, I would have probably slept in and that would have been that for yoga.

But we went…and I am sooooooo glad we did. It was nothing like my previous (extremely limited) yoga experience; you know, where I felt awkward and out of place, like a big fat failure. The instructor was warm and gentle and lovely. My body felt like a million bucks after class. I couldn\’t wait to go back, and Audrey agreed.  Plus, there were donuts after.

Now, I know that some people are all weird about yoga and think it is a gateway to evil. Maybe, if I was less rooted in my faith, or if I was intent on transforming my mind in some Hindu way, that might apply. However, I am not. In fact, I firmly believe God directed my path to yoga and I can use it to honor and celebrate His presence in my life. I did a little research and came across this article, which reinforces what I\’d already discerned. I am guarding my heart and mind against anything that is not healthy for my relationship with Christ.

We\’ve been at it for a few weeks now and I am loving the benefits of the practice. I have infinitely more energy. My Crohn\’s disease is well managed; I\’m nearly symptom free. Limited aches and pains. I just feel good. I\’ve been exploring ways to get more yoga in my day. I hope to share with you soon some of the great resources I\’m compiling. Until then, I\’m going to focus on building a good, steady practice at home and in my Saturday class, and trusting that God will keep leading me to a place of health and wellness.

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