My 2020 No-Resolution Revolution

Happy New Year, about a week late! Due to my new job, I didn\’t get a true holiday break this year, so I didn\’t get to do all the things I had planned, like write blog posts. It\’s all good, though! Giving myself a little grace about things like this blog is right in keeping with my no-resolution revolution.

Why I Don\’t Do Resolutions, and What I Do Instead

I LOVE a fresh start- a Monday, the first of the month, and certainly the first day of the year. I like to turn the page in my planner and see all the possibilities. For years, I was the queen of crafting New Years Resolutions. And, like 80% of the rest of the population, I was excellent at NOT accomplishing them!

A few years ago, I got tired of feeling like a failure by the middle of January, when all my resolutions seemed impossible. In 2015, I finally quit making resolutions. Instead, I wrote a list of hopes for the year. They went like this:

  1. Smile more, stress less.
  2. Encourage more, worry less.
  3. Write more, procrastinate less.
  4. Make more, spend less.
  5. Move more, eat less.

I called this approach my \”no-resolution revolution\” because it was the opposite of what goals and resolutions are intended to be. Nothing was specific or measurable, nothing had a timeline. These hopes were kind of a tongue-in-cheek way of taking on a new year. And I could spin them however I wanted on any given day, depending on just how serious I was taking myself. Make more what? Money or messes or mistakes- all acceptable! Eat less than what? An elephant? I can do that!

Removing the pressure of \”lose 20 pounds\” or \”get a promotion at work\” made it possible for me to be kinder to myself, something I have come to value in my 40\’s. Giving myself permission to change my mind about what I wanted to accomplish made the sky the limit.

Don\’t get me wrong- I still have markers of success in my mind. I know that I would love to read 52 books this year, and I do have a magic number that I would like to see appear on the scale. However, my vague \”revolutions\” give me the grace to celebrate even the smallest steps in the right directions and they tell my inner mean girl to back off when she starts to point her judgy little finger.

Revolutions for 2020

So what are my REVOLUTIONS this year? Some follow the old more/less format, but some don\’t. And because I made this whole thing up, that\’s just fine!

  1. Read, write, and move more!
  2. Compare less.
  3. Complain less.
  4. Build more friendships.
  5. Forgive more.
  6. Celebrate more.
  7. Be uncomfortable more often.
  8. Nourish my body, mind, and soul.
  9. Show my gratitude.
  10. Reflect Christ more and more and more.

Now it\’s your turn! Leave one REVOLUTION in the comments!


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